Edi Scholdan

Edi Scholdan, born in 1910, was raised by his aunt in Vienna, Austria. He competed at the 1933 Worlds and taught and performed in Europe before coming to the United States in 1938. He taught in Boston, Providence, New York City, and Chicago before permanently settling at the Broadmoor Skating Club in Colorado Springs. He spent his first summer at the Broadmoor in 1941 and became the head coach, teaching year-round, in 1948. Besides coaching, Edi was in charge of the annual summer Broadmoor Ice Revue. An innovative show producer, he invited national and international champions and incorporated a variety of non-skating acts into the show. Edi created a juggling act in Europe and performed his act in the Ice Revue. Edi married skater Roberta Jenks in 1946, and his children were step-daughter Dixie Lee (born 1943), son Jimmy (born 1949), and daughter Ruth (born 1953).

Edi benefitted from the Broadmoor policy of inviting rising stars to train at the Broadmoor Ice Palace. His champions included 1950 World pair champions Peter and Karol Kenendy, 1952 Olympic bronze medalist Jimmy Grogan, 1955 World silver medalist Ronnie Robertson, 1956 Olympic champion Hayes Alan Jenkins, 1960 Olympic champion David Jenkins, and German champion Ina Bauer. Edi also developed homegrown talent, including Stephanie Westerfeld, who was the 1961 U.S. ladies silver medalist. Beginning the summer of 1959, Edi coached Greg Kelley of Boston, who was the 1961 U.S. men’s silver medalist. Just six weeks before the start of the 1961 Nationals, Edi coached Laurie and Bill Hickox of San Francisco, the 1961 U.S. pairs bronze medalists. Edi, who had coached more World Team members than any other coach of his era, had four students on the 1961 World Team.