Harold Hartshorne

Harold Hartshorne, born in 1891 in New York City, graduated from Princeton University in 1914 and served as a second lieutenant in the Department of Criminal Investigation in the early days of World War I. Like his father and grandfather, Harold was a stockbroker and a member of the New York Stock Exchange. Harold had seven children by three wives: Harold Hartshorne Jr. by Marietta Chapin; James, Ann, and Margaret (“Peggy”) by Mary Bryan; and Dan, Gail, and Daryl by Barbara Hatch.

Harold Hartshorne was a pioneer in the history of U.S. ice dancing. He was the primary architect for instituting a national dance title in 1936. He was five-time U.S. dance champion, winning twice with Nettie Prantel (1937-38) and winning three times with Sandy Macdonald (1939-41). He became a U.S. dance judge and, in time, a world dance judge. Harold was instrumental in introducing the veterans’ dance in sectional competitions, conducted annual judges’ clinics in Lake Placid, and drew many of the dance diagrams for the USFSA rulebook. He designed and donated many dance trophies for regional, sectional, and national competitions. Besides his judging appointments, Harold was a U.S. referee. He served on many USFSA committees and was president of The Skating Club of New York. When the USFSA discovered a shortage of U.S. judges available for the 1961 Worlds in Prague, Harold volunteered to judge the dance division.