Jimmy Scholdan

Jimmy Scholdan, born in Colorado Springs in 1949, was the son of Edi and Roberta Scholdan. Jimmy and his sisters Dixie Lee and Ruth were at the Broadmoor Ice Palace every day with their father. He was a typical boy who enjoyed teasing both his sisters and young skaters at the rink. Jimmy regularly participated in the annual children’s number in the Broadmoor Ice Revue and learned a few jumps and spins, but he was not fully committed to figure skating. He liked to play in the kids’ scrub hockey games, but his preference was speed skating. The Broadmoor Speed Skating Club, organized in 1947, hosted national and North American meets. Jimmy joined the club and competed in local events. Edi, who encouraged his students to take up speed skating to strengthen their speed and stamina, flew with Jimmy to St. Louis for the Silver Skates competition. At age nine, he did well in his age group and continued to improve. He planned to compete in a national speed skating meet in Illinois in February 1961, but instead flew with the 1961 World Team to Prague. Edi wanted to show him his hometown, and Jimmy, eleven, wanted to visit his mother, who now lived in Vienna.