Louise Hartshorne

Louisa (“Louise”) Heyer met Harold Hartshorne through skating. She was a longtime member of The Skating Club of New York, and she and Harold had competed against each other in the veterans’ dance at Easterns for years. At the time of Harold’s marriage proposal, Louise worked as a secretary for a Manhattan psychologist. After marrying in 1953, Louise spent her days skating and taking care of her husband. She became test chairman for The Skating Club of New York. Harold and Louise competed as a team in veterans’ dance for a couple of years, and also performed in the club’s shows at Madison Square Garden. In time, she became an active stepmother to Harold’s three youngest children, teenagers Dan, Gail, and Daryl, who came to live with them on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Louise regularly traveled with her husband for his judging assignments. Although she had developed a bad cold during the 1961 North Americans in Philadelphia, she wanted to travel with her husband to Prague for the 1961 Worlds.