Stephanie Westerfeld

Stephanie (“Steffi”) Westerfeld, born in 1943, was the second daughter of Otto and Myra Westerfeld. Steffi began skating at the Pla-Mor rink in Kansas City where her older sister Sharon (“Sherri”) was already skating. The other skaters nicknamed her “Popcorn” because Steffi, age four, spent more time at the popcorn stand than on the ice. The Westerfeld sisters spent every summer training at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Myra decided the girls needed year-round training at the Broadmoor, and the three Westerfeld women moved to Colorado in 1949. Otto stayed behind in Kansas City to work.

Steffi had taken lessons from Mary Jane Halstead in Kansas City. At the Broadmoor she took lessons from Patty Sonnekson, and then Eileen Seigh Honnen, who coached her when she won the 1950 Midwestern juvenile ladies title, at age eight. Steffi then engaged coach Edi Scholdan, who helped her win the 1952 Midwestern novice title, the 1956 junior ladies title, and the Midwestern senior ladies title from 1957 to 1960. Steffi went to her first Nationals in 1955. She competed in National junior ladies for three years, placing third in 1957 and second in both 1958 and 1959. She missed a berth on the 1960 Olympic Team when she placed fourth at the 1960 Nationals. However, at the 1961 Nationals at the Broadmoor, Steffi placed first in figures but was unable to hold on to her lead and eventually placed second. At the 1961 North Americans she placed fourth. Steffi was one of Edi’s rare homegrown stars, and he was confident that great things awaited her on the international stage.